Friday, 31 March 2017

xxyyzz transmission episode 3 (march 2017)

The latest edition of xxyyzz transmission, hosted by Glen Byford, goes for a slightly different vibe to previous months, but is still full of the best new and recent music around

To help keep up with all the artists featured in xxyyzz transmission episode 3, a full track listing features below, including relevant links to music streaming sites or social media accounts where possible.

1. Missy Elliott - I Give You Power feat. Mavis Staples
2. Wiley - Common Cold
3. Reel Feels- She Said
4. Deep Throat Choir - No CD
5. Silver Liz - Didi At Night
6. Trash Castle - Black ft JME & Dizzee Rascal
7. Cloud302 - What's That (Is It a Monster?)
8. Skrillex - Raoul
9. Fatboy Slim- Mister Mental
10. Soul Link - Jacknife And The Death Call
11. Wood N Head- Teenage White Boy
12. Cruel Waves- The Dead Guy
13. The xx - Hallelujah Money feat. Benjamin Clementine

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