Thursday, 26 January 2017

#ThrowbackThursday presents Tayalarz vol.6: Spectral Vapre (february 2014)

The Tayalarz mixtape series began life as a musical scavenger hunt, a quest to source free music and present it in the classic format of putting one song after another in order to create a customised recommendation of good music.

Now these mixes have found new life as one continuous, flowing mix upon the shores of mixcloud, and despite the passing of time I feel these still stand strong as seasonal soundtracks to the months that spawned them.

We now present, for the first time ever, the long lost 6th volume, due for release in February 2014, but delayed and derailed by errant artwork....

And so, embedded below is Taylarz vol.6, ahead of a new music project from Desperately Seeking Susan Boyle that'll be hitting mixcloud before the end of the month.....

From February 2014:

With enough wallowing in January done, we are now galloping ever forward with 2014 and, although it may be a little behind some of my contemporaries, the February edition of the Tayalarz mixtape takes a look at some of those tipped for big things this year, as well as featuring a few of some of our own discoveries and favourites that we hope to hear a lot more from as the forthcoming months progress

Only time will tell who will make it and who will be left behind, but for now let's just enjoy the majesty of their music, sourced for free via a number of blogs and websites and all compiled into a neat little list of links masquerading as the following tracklist

and for the last time, the artwork was provided by Ted Joyce, as it has been for the previous two months also, who not only has displayed his talent as a graphic designer, he also displays his musical skills as the lead singer of Decoy Jet who are featured in this very mixtape

1.  The Dexters - Oceans (demo)
2.  Decoy Jet - Georgia
3.  Circa Waves - Good for me
4.  Chloe Howl - I wish I could tell you
5.  George Ezra - You don't have to be in the army to fight the war
6.  FTSE - a little sumthin
7.  Foxes - White Coats
8.  Neon Jungle - Braveheart
9.  FKA Twigs - Water me (Hunchback remix)
10. Ancient Mermaids - luvu 2 pieces
11. Sheen - Lovelust
12. Guardian Ghost - The Wilderness

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