Friday, 30 December 2011

looking forward: 2012

the last big hurrah/biggest let down (delete as applicable) of the year is almost upon us, and once the clock has struck midnight on 31st December 2011, we shall all of a sudden find ourselves engulfed in 2012 for a whole twelve months.

traditionally, most blogs and websites will be telling you what were the best things to have been listening to in the year just gone, and also informing you of who you will undoubtedly be listening to in the new year fast approaching.

i'll only touch on the latter briefly, with more pressing concern on sharing good music with you, no matter what current trends on social practice may dictate.

and there are a couple of collaborations that are helping to wave off the soon departing MMXI AD in a rather twee fashion before we get too far ahead of ourselves

there must be thousands of these type of videos sprawled all over youtube, you know the ones, bedroom, webcam, guitar, but not many of them feature the delightful pairing of Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt melting hearts with their hipster pleasing duet

and another team-up in the form of Frank Turner, who has gone from strength to strength this year, hooking up with country singer and past collaborator, Jon Snodgrass, for a little ditty that was knocked out together in about half an hour, and was shared by Turner via his soundcloud

 download: Frank Turner and Jon Snodgrass - Happy New Year

now we look towards the future

a lot of anticipation is building to see what The xx will deliver when they release their second album after creating a slow building buzz with their emergence and praised debut which carried with it a new wave of electronic-shoegaze in it's wake.  early clues from the band hint at a more upbeat direction, yet this teaser demo, for two and a half minutes at least, suggests otherwise

 download: The xx - Open Eyes (Demo)

also making a return in 2012 will be Scissor Sisters, who provided a sleazy assault on the senses when they burst onto the music scene, but have since seemed to have lost their way a little.  perhaps in an attempt to induce some shock tactics, they have teamed up with Azealia Banks for the single 'Shady Love' that will debut on January 2nd 2012.

The name Azealia Banks should not be new to anyone by now, being one of the most hype-inducing artists of previous months and featuring highly in many websites tips for 2012, including the highly debated BBC sound of 2012 poll.

She will no doubt continue splitting opinion throughout the new year if she continues in the same way she started.

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